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Controlling the Tempo Leads to a Proper Swing in Golf

Too many golfers get wrapped up in the technical mechanics of the swing and forget to pay attention to their tempo. In fact, tempo might even be more important than technique, because it can help you to stay on balance, make clean contact, and have a swing that repeats consistently shot after shot. Tempo might not be the most exciting part of your golf game to work on, but it is an area in which most amateur golfers can definitely stand to improve.

No Right Answer

Is a fast tempo better than a slow one, or vice versa? In reality, any tempo can work, as long as it is comfortable for you and is consistent on each shot. There are successful professional golfers who play with rather fast tempos, and many than play with very slow tempos. Good shots can be hit using any tempo, but you need to be comfortable with your own and be able to repeat it all day long.

When you head out to the driving range for practice, try hitting shots with both slow and fast tempos to see what you are more comfortable with. Most likely, it won’t take very many shots for a pattern to develop and for you to get a feeling for your own personal rhythm and timing. Once you settle in to a good temp for you, make your practice session focused less on technical thoughts, and more on keeping that tempo consistent.

Steady Back and Through

You want to make sure that during your swing, the tempo is as even as possible between backswing and downswing. It is hard to be consistent if your tempo isn’t even throughout the swing, so make this goal a focus of your practice sessions. The tempo in your swing should look natural and feel comfortable – if there is anything about it that is forced, that problem will likely show itself over time.

To assist in improving your tempo, consider videotaping your swing and watching it back later for feedback on how you are doing from a tempo perspective. You can ask a friend to tape your swing on the range, or even use a small tripod to tape it yourself. It should be pretty easy to notice any tempo issues you are having once you watch the tape, and you can get to work on improving them in your next practice session.