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What to Know about Twilight Golf in Algarve

Real Twilight Golf

Twilight Golf has nothing to do with teenage themed novels and howling wolves (although the full moon is relevant). It simply means playing after a certain cut-off time later in the day.

Many people start the day with golf (Tiger Woods plays practice rounds at 4am) but there is nothing stopping you ending your day with a round of 18 holes. Maybe you have been enjoying the beach all day, lounging around the hotel watching TV or strolling through the streets of the local town playing the part of tourist.

Late in the day you will find the course quiet and especially if you are playing during the Portuguese summer, the heat gone from the day. With nobody else on the course, you can hit a second tee shot if you weren't happy with the first one. You can roll several putts and hit various chip shots from around the green because there is nobody coming up behind you.

Nighttime Golf

The definition of Twilight Golf in the Algarve is after 2.30/3pm qualifies. However, there is a more interesting experience even later in the day...nighttime golf. Playing golf under the floodlights should be on everybody's bucket list is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To see your drives rise up high into the sky against the backdrop of a starry night is a sight to behold.

If you want to play golf at night in the Algarve, you can do it on Faldo Oceanico course. Check online for available tee times and you could be playing golf under a full moon or doing your own golf "night shift" and putting out on the 18th hole just as everybody else is waking up and getting ready for work.

Saving Money On Green Fees

The financial realities of twilight golf are another reason you should consider altering your schedule. - you can get 18 holes for the price of 9. Also, the later you tee off, the cheaper the round gets. Playing the full 18 holes is often not even necessary to enjoy your round. How about playing 9, 10,12 or even 7 holes?

Booking Twilight Golf

You can book the tee times online and it is more advantageous to do it that way. However, keep this in mind: many other golfers know about these twilight-time bargains so you will want to book early and reserve online.