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Three Keys to Hitting a Perfect Flop Shot in Golf

It’s not every day you play with someone who can hit a perfect flop shot. But wouldn’t it be great if you could be the person showing off a skill like that? Flop shots are made to look easy by those who perform them, as well as those who instruct on how to execute them.

The point of a flop shot is to lift your ball over a bunker (or any other trap) and land it safely on the other side. When it lands, the ball should then spin backwards and head towards the hole. If you’ve been struggling with perfecting yours, here are three keys you may have overlooked.

Clubface at 180 degrees

You’ve heard that the clubface should be very open, but if you don’t hold your face at exactly 180 degrees, you simply won’t pull off the flop shot the way you’re supposed to. When positioning your stance, try to imagine a wineglass balanced on top of your clubface; that’s how flat it should be! Keep it steady and practice swinging your lob wedge in this position when your game calls for a quick airlift over a bunker.

Learning some aiming tactics

You’re likely to hear varying strategies from different instructors on how to aim a flop shot correctly. At the end of the day, it’s best to develop a strategy that works well for yourself. However, generally speaking, the consensus is to aim 20 degrees left of the hole. The point of the flop shot is that it will spin back towards the target once it hits the ground—that is, if executed correctly.

Understanding the spin/height ratio

Achieving a great deal of height while still being able to add a decent spin to the ball can be one of the hardest things to learn when performing a flop shot. The trick here is twofold:

  • A good follow through where the clubface ends at the same opposite point that it began
  • A steady, straight swing that doesn’t deviate from its line

Remember that the harder you hit the ball, the higher it will travel. The point of the flop shot is to achieve more height than distance. The spin on the ball should make up for the 20 or less degrees you’ve aimed away from the target (as discussed above).