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Correct Weight Shift in Golf Increases the Power

Despite the fact that your arms are what is swinging the club during your golf swing, it is really your body that is the engine of the swing. When you are able to use your rotation, and your weight shift, properly in the swing, you can unlock power that you might not have known you had at your disposal. Many golfers understand that they need to use their weight properly during the swing, but relatively few know how to make it happen.

‘Shift’ Might Not Be the Right Word

When golfers think about a weight shift, they often picture their weight shifting back to the right during the backswing (for a RH golfer) and then forward to the left during the downswing. That is not correct. In reality, your weight should stay mostly in place during the backswing and only shift to the left once you are starting the downswing. If you shift to the right along with your backswing, you are probably in for some trouble. Usually, this kind of motion results in a weak swing, and might mean a slice is coming as well. Think about it this way – keep your weight centered on the backswing, and allow it to release forward on the downswing.

Weight First, Arms Second

If you are going to get the most out of your weight shift forward, you need to have the timing right in your swing. The sequence of the swing is very important, and your body should move through the swing before your arms deliver the club down to the ball. As your body and weight move to the left, your arms should be pulled down toward the ball and the club should gather speed along the way. If you allow your arms to ‘win the race’ and get down to the ball before your body has rotated through, you aren’t going to maximize your power potential. When you are working on your golf swing, remember that your weight and your center of gravity control much of the swing. If you are able to keep on balance and control where you weight is at all times, you can put together a quality swing that will possess plenty of power. Even if you already have a reasonably powerful golf swing, you can probably squeeze even a few more yards out of your driver just by improving the way you use your weight shift in the swing.