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How To Make Great Chip Shots Using A Hybrid Club

If you know how to use a hybrid correctly, you can use it to put yourself in quite an advantage strategically. Hybrids are being used more and more today and their popularity is growing even among professional golfers. Because of their versatility, there are situations where you can use a hybrid for chipping purposes. Let’s look at this more closely.

Why use a hybrid golf club at all?

Hybrids are exactly what their name suggests. They adapt to various types of shots and are able to fulfil the function of more than one of your standard clubs. The reason this is great for chipping is because you can do more with one hybrid than you could trying to choose from a number of different clubs. The hybrid will allow you to chip or roll the ball straight to your target. While these clubs may not be perfect for sinking the ball, they are used as strategic instruments in getting the ball in place for the next shot.

Less risk – more reward

Because hybrids are not ideal for perfect shots, they are being used more for ball placement. This gives the player a better opportunity in the long run. This ‘less risk – more reward’ approach to the game is perfect for players who aren’t good at getting perfect shots every time. This way, the ball is set up in a better position to play.

You can use your hybrid as a what?

The best way to use a hybrid club for a chipping shot is to roll the ball to the target. Simply line up as you would for a putting shot and control your shot power just enough to get the ball as close to the hole as possible. Even just getting it onto the fairway will set you up for a par shot or even a birdie. It may look strange to everyone who witnesses your ball rolling from the green to the fairway, but at the end of the day your game will gain the advantage you need.

Using your hybrid to putt your ball onto the fairway is not something that is foreign to professional players. Many of them have used and are using this same strategy every day. It’s catching on—just like hybrids are—and helping many players get lower scores on their games.