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What Is The Secret To Hitting A Solid 40-Yard Pitch Shot In Golf?

A solid 40-yard pitch shot in golf is something many golfers want to achieve. This is more than just swinging your club with all your might and hoping the ball will land somewhere near your target. There are a number of elements that go into making this shot and producing a wonderful result. Once you understand each element you may get a better idea of what you need to do in order to produce a solid pitch shot on the course. Here are a few elements that may contribute to the secret of hitting an excellent pitch shot.

Have Good Distance Control

Controlling distance is important for pitch shots. This means you need to have a good idea of how to hit the ball and ensure it will reach your target area. Think about where you want the ball to land and what it will take to accomplish the length. Don’t ponder on this aspect too much as it can make you too anxious.

Be Consistent with Your Movements

Consistency is important since it helps you achieve regularly with movements and results. When you start getting the results you want when you swing and make contact with the ball in a solid manner, you need to work on continuing the same method. Your technique may vary if your results are not consistent. Be aware of problem areas you may have and work to improve them gradually.

Pay Attention to Your Setup

Some golfers have issues making a solid 40 yard pitch shot because a detail in their setup needs to be tweaked just a bit. How are holding your club? Is your stance wide enough or should it be brought in just a bit? How is your grip when you get ready to hit the ball? These elements should be reviewed and changed as needed. You can do practice shots to help you note differences.

Review Elements of Your Downswing, Backswing and How You Follow-Through

A solid 40 yard pitch shot has other elements you may want to review including your downswing, backswing and follow-through. These elements all play a role in helping you achieve good distance and control. Sometimes you can make a change to one element and get a great result. Consider which area is your strongest and weakest point and look for ways to improve.