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4 Quick Golf Tips For Striking From Behind Bushes

Oh no! Your ball just landed in the rough. And it’s not just any rough; it’s the kind of rough where thick, matted grass and small bushes prevent an easy shot back onto the fairway. These shots are frustrating, but they are a part of golf whether we like it or not. Here are four techniques to remember when attempting to hit the ball out from behind a bush.

  1. How to stand
  2. Your shot should focus on height. The first thing to remember when hitting a ball over a bush is to stand further behind the ball than usual. From this vantage point, you will be able to connect the ball low which will give it added height. Stand with your hips pushed forward and your grip pushed forward too.

  3. Where to connect the ball
  4. Your club’s usual sweet spot should hit the ball as low as possible in the centre. You may find that using a sand wedge is the wisest choice for a shot like this. The clubface is flat which allows you to sweep under the ball and over the bush. This will depend on what the ground is like, but most rough terrain is conducive to a sand wedge or a 45-degree wedge.

  5. How to move
  6. There should be about 60% – 70% of your weight on the left foot. Keep your weight there during the shot. Your feet must be stable throughout the entire swing or you are likely to compromise the shot. All movement that is done should be done by the arms—which brings us to the swing.

  7. How to swing
  8. Your forearms must remain stiff during your back and forward swing. The left wrist will also remain stiff as it acts as a guiding force for the club. However, your right wrist will cock slightly to give you the needed flex. Swing at about 50% of your normal power. The ball should shoot straight up, over the bush, and a few feet forward to where it can be played.

Don’t let those bushes get you down. Yes, these shots are not always easy to execute, but you will be forced to make one every once in a while. For this reason, learn how to hit the ball properly and use the above tips to guide you through it. Aim to have the ball out by the first shot so that normal play can continue without too much of an effect on your score.