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Playing this game is not as easy as it seems but with the due diligence and zeal, you can quickly learn the basics and enjoy golf. This resource provides easy and understandable guides for beginners.

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10 Basic Golf Rules For Beginners Who Want To Play Like Professionals

It can be intimidating to play your first golf round. You must know how you should behave on the golf course so that you do not look like a fool to the experts present on course. Here are 10 basic rules of golf that can at least let you begin the life of a Golf Pro.

  1. The equipment
  2. You can carry maximum fourteen clubs for a round of golf. You must check your equipment before you leave for the game and discard the additional contents. It may cost you some penalty strokes.

  3. Play within the boundary of the tee
  4. Ensure that you tee up behind and between the front of appropriate markers, which are normally as follows:

    • White- medal tees

    • Yellow- men

    • Red- ladies
  5. Do not play a wrong ball
  6. You need to mark your ball to avoid confusion since there are many players on the course. In the matchplay, you may lose hole in singles. In the strokplay, you may have to face two-stroke penalty. If you are not sure about the ball in a situation, you can notify the partners and mark it using a tee peg. You can lift the ball to recognize it but do not clean it. Place it back at the same spot.

  7. Rules of the green
  8. You can repair the marks of a pitch, even if they are made by others, but do not touch the marks on your putt line, a golfing partner’s putt, and its extensions, before you complete the hole. If you have the flagstick always attended, you must not hit it.

  9. Play the golf ball as it is
  10. Wherever your ball lands, you must play it as it is unless the golf rules allow you to touch it. You can take aside loose leaves, litter, twigs, and other obstructions like manmade trails, sprinklers, drainage, etc. You can have free relief from these obstructions and place your ball within the length of one club from the nearest relief point.

  11. Dress properly
  12. All golf courses have certain dress codes. Before you go to play, you must find it out and dress accordingly.

  13. Honors, Ready Play, and Away
  14. If you have ‘honors’, you will be the first to tee off. On following the tees, the golfer who has the best score on the foregoing hole will go first. Ties are carried over to the subsequent tee box. ‘Honors’ establish who will tee off at first and the order of game play. The golfer who is ‘out’ or ‘away’ leads the way. Golfer standing farthest from a hole plays first. Ready golf is played when you decide to speed up a round.

  15. Lost balls and Out of Bounds
  16. Out of Bounds need to be clearly marked when you are using white lines. You have to face the penalty of stroke- plus- distance for OB. You must hit the second ball if you ball goes OB. Declare it to your golfing partners that you are using a provisional ball. If you lose a ball, the penalty is stroke- plus- distance, which allows you to hit the provisional ball.

  17. Keep up with the pace
  18. Do not keep other groups waiting and keep up with the pace of game. Be prepared when your turn arrives. If your group is taking more time to play, then you must allow the group behind you to play through.

  19. Water hazards
  20. You can attempt to play a water hazard, but if you cannot, take a penalty of one stroke. Place your ball at a spot behind the point where your ball crossed the water hazard.