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10 Golf Courses In Portugal You Should Try To Become A Better Player

There are various golf course options throughout Portugal offering great opportunities to improve golf skills. You can choose from a wide selection of courses based on play experience and skills you want to acquire in the future. There are courses for seasoned players and amateurs, but it is best to learn about your options and study course layout prior to visiting. Here are a few tips on finding suitable courses for your play interests and a list of courses to consider.

Consider Visiting Golf Courses with Golf Academies

There are a few golf courses throughout Portugal offering high quality golf lessons and instruction. This is a great opportunity to invest in your skills and take advantage of instruction you may not normally receive at home. There are golf academies for adults and children. Use this time to improve skills you want to see better results when taking shots on the course. Ask questions and even make it a group outing to help you learn and focus better.

Review Personal Skills and Determine Goals for What You Want to Achieve

Before you head out on the course it helps to assess personal skills and experience. What have you learned so far and what do you consider your strongest attributes as a golfer? What areas do you want to improve and why? How well is your mental game and what are things you see experienced golfers do well you hope to achieve? These elements are important when considering golf courses that can potentially help you become a better golfer.

Make Plans to Visit and Play Golf in Portugal

As you make your plans to play at some of Portugal’s best golf courses, think about what you want to accomplish. Study course maps and scorecards of golf course options you want play. You can learn more about golf courses in the region by reviewing feedback and experience of previous tourists. Here is a list of golf courses to consider that can help you play great golf.

  1. Quinta do Logo in Algarve.
  2. San Lorenzo Golf Club in Algarve.
  3. Vale do Lobo (Royal & Oceano Courses) in Algarve.
  4. Oitavos Dunes near Lisbon.
  5. Penha Longa near Lisbon.
  6. Gramacho Golf Course in Algarve.
  7. Porto Santo Golf in Madeira.
  8. Alamos Golf in Algarve.
  9. Morgado Golf in Algarve.
  10. Praia d’El Rey Golf in Lisbon.