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Tee Times In Portugal: 5 Easy Golf Courses In The Algarve Region

Sometimes even professional golfers want to just play a course for the sake of the game rather than the challenge. There are also beginners who have the means to travel to Algarve, but want to know where the gentle courses are. We’ve put together a list of five easy golf courses in Algarve that will only offer a challenge on the odd occasion.

Paço do Lumiar

While the Paço do Lumiar golf course offers somewhat of a challenge, the course is generally more suited to beginners. It’s comfortably short so as not to overwhelm newer players; but those who feel they want to play it twice should feel encouraged to do so. Out of the nine holes on the course, seven of them are par-3s. The other two are both par-4s so completing the course shouldn’t take too long.

Pine Cliffs

Admittedly, Pine Cliffs’ sixth hole is a real difficult hole. However many golfers have complained that the rest of the course is painfully easy. If you feel like playing a course that is easy, but one that has a nice challenge in the middle, then this course if perfect for you.

Penha Longa Mosteiro

Also a nine-hole course, the Penha Longa Mosteiro course is tailor-made for beginners. Fairways are nice and wide with an easy rough on the outer parts. The greens are generally small, so you won’t easily waste your points while putting. Another aspect that makes it easy is that there are less obstacles than conventional courses.

Santo Estevao

The nice part about Santo Estevao is the fact that there aren’t that many water hazards. Those that do appear are also of little consequence to your game because they are too far out to really pose a challenge to any of the holes. Give this course a try if you want a slight challenge layout wise, but don’t want the frustration of losing your ball all the time.

Vilamoura Laguna

Another golf course with relatively wide fairways is the Vilamoura Laguna course. If your aim is a bit off, this course will go easy on you. The course is also not overrun with trees everywhere so you will have a fair amount of room for error. Slopes are also minimal so don’t worry too much about the role factor in your shots.