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Playing Golf In Bad Weather – 7 Hints To Help You Enjoy Your Round

Just be prepared for extreme weather and keep your expectations low

You cannot have any control over natural difficulties while playing golf. There are certain changes associated with weather that you have to bear and adjust your game accordingly. Dealing with extreme weather conditions is the most challenging as well as fun part of golf. Golf would hardly be any fun if all the outdoor elements were controlled. You would have definitely practiced in an indoor practice range. Obviously, it does not give you much satisfaction. That is why; you come out in a golf course to play outdoors. It may happen many a times that just a mildly niggling wind becomes a tempest. At such times, you need to know what you can do to have a perfect round of golf even in bad weather.

  1. High winds: Playing in high winds is the most challenging task on a golf course. Wind needs you to calculate and adjust the yardage on each shot. The estimates of shots may become extremely difficult according to the speed of wind. You must not take high speed swings in such a windy weather. Also, try not to spin the ball too much. If you take smoother swings, you will achieve better shots.

  2. To tackle rains: When it’s raining, the first thing you have to manage is to keep your hands dry. It is also important to be comfortable, of course, but there is hardly any chance of having a good swing if you cannot have control over the club. Therefore, you have to make sure that you wear a rain jacket and rain gloves. You must carry an umbrella as well. To take some extra precautions, you can also carry dry towels in your bag or cart to dry your clubs in case they get wet by any chance.

  3. While playing in snow: If you are planning to play snow, the most common problem that you are going to face is the visibility of the golf ball. You might get confused where your ball got lost after you hit it. To have a solution to this amusing as well as frustrating problem is to use an orange golf ball.

  4. Avoid myths: There are some myths that confuse the golfers and they end up making their game worse in adverse weather conditions.

  5. Booze does not help you keep warm: It is not really wise to drink hard before you start playing golf. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels so that the blood flows speedily. You might fell warmer despite the overall temperature of your body being low. You can however, carry hot tea in thermos.

  6. It is not harder to breathe cold air: It is definitely feels irritating to breathe dry air, but not cold air. Once cold air reaches the lungs, it attains body temperature.

  7. Golfers who come from cold regions have advantage: Yes, golfers who come from regions like Siberia, Bahamas, etc. do have more tolerance to cold weather, but no psychological advantage. They will also shiver like you do.

You have to understand the limitations of adverse weather and have expectations accordingly. This will help you attain more satisfaction from your game.