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Top Golf Attractions In Portugal - Salgados Course Review

The Salgados is a welcome change from golf courses that are situated in the mountain valleys or between lush natural vegetations. This golf course is designed on a rather flat/even landscape not too far from the Praia de Gale beach. Located so close to a beach the Salgados Golf Course has many features of a link course. Moreover, it has very few trees, so the elements of nature have a profound impact on the golf game at this course. Adding to the challenge is the numerous water hazards that test the short game skills of a golfer.

  • This is one of the most popular courses in the region and it’s situated between the Armacao de Pera and Albufeira. The Salgados Golf Course is managed by the Nau Group that also controls two other courses: Alamos and Morgado.
  • The landscape that houses the Salgados Golf Course also attracts a large number of bird species. This adds to the beauty of the course and the surrounding areas. After a round of golf, players can take a short stroll to reach the popular sandy beach nearby. This is a unique course; that’s because it’s hard to see a link type course having 14 water hazards.
  • Only the best materials that perfectly match and blend with the surroundings are used to create this golf course. For the fairways the architects have used the Tifton 419 Bermuda, to create the semi-roughs rye grass was used, and finally for the greens the Penn Cross grass was used.
  • The course isn’t very long; this par-72 is only 6080 meters with tees and greens not far from each other. The layout boasts of two excellent par-5s that are approximately 500 meters long and two par-3 holes that are around 170 meters long. Without doubt the hallmark of the course is the par-4 seventh hole.
  • Combinations of open landscape, plenty of water hazards, and short layouts, make the Salgados a pretty challenging golf course for players of any experience and skill level. Golfers who seek to derive the maximum pleasure from this course and not want to tax too much, favor the yellow tees, whereas, white tees demand high level of skill and accuracy from the players.
  • The Salgados Golf Course underwent a major renovation in the year 2012. Some of holes, including the eighteenth, were restructured and olive trees, thousands of them, were planted by architect Alvaro Mano to emphasize the link characteristics of the golf course.