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Using a shallower angle of attack to play the draw shot in golf

The draw shot in golf can help a ball travel further after it is hit. This means players may be able to get more yards on the fairway. This occurs when the ball plight travels at a slight curve or angle across the green, instead of a straight line. This is also known to be opposite of a fade. A draw shot can be beneficial when you understand the technique necessary to create the shot. Some golfers prefer this shot as it is a way to get the ball to the target with a gentle curve. To help you accomplish this play you can think about your strategy using three helpful points.

Know the Target for the Ball

Think about where you want the ball to end when you make your shot. You should have a firm idea where you want the ball to go before you strike it. This is important as you are predicting the plight of the ball from where it starts. You need to think about this carefully since your moves needs to be consistent in order to get the result you want. You may not need to roll your wrists in order to get the ball to curve. This is when you consider the face of the club as it will be your next point to think about.

Align Clubface Where the Ball Starts

When the ball begins to roll after making contact with the face, it will roll in the direction the clubface is facing. This means you need to make sure your face is aligned in the direction you want the ball to roll. So, in order to create a curve the ball should be hit in a manner that will allow it to go left of the target. If you hit it and it goes right instead it will hook. Remember to aim your face so it will not hook!

Swing Toward the Right to Make Your Path

With your face in place and your eye on the ball you should be able to swing toward the right. The path you want the ball to travel should help you make your curve. Meaning, you should not use the face of the club to get the ball to roll on the path you want. The face simply directs the ball to roll on the path.