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Five Pieces of Advice to help you Plan Great Golf Holidays in Vilamoura

So you have finalized that you are going to have a golf getaway with your friends? It seems like it is just a matter of little planning and you just need to pack your bags and enjoy with your friends. But, it is much more than that. A perfect golf holiday needs good planning and a lot more things. You can look up to these tips for organizing your golf holiday in Vilamoura.

The set of friends

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to decide. The set of people you take along will affect the mood of your trip. If you are planning to take kids along, you will need to make prior bookings for their activities as well. And if there are some non-golfers, females or anybody else who does not share your interests; you need to plan activities for them as well. But, the best thing is to make a group of like-minded people for your trip.

The dates

It is practically impossible to select dates according to the suitability of everyone. Therefore, you can do one of these things- select a date and then ask who all are interested in going, or you can select your group and then mutually decide a date. Another thing to be remembered about the dates is the golfing season. If you are going to Vilamoura during peak season, the price of your trip will definitely increase. Try planning to go to Vilamoura a little before or after the peak season. You will save on money and avoid the rush.


Golfers always have a list of their favorite golf courses. After you have shortlisted the golf courses in Vilamoura, you need to assess the budget of everyone in the group. Planning for the famous golf courses will definitely be expensive. If some of the members are not willing to spend a lot, you can settle for a secondary option of golf courses.

Some of the famous golf courses of Vilamoura are Victoria Golf Course, The Old Course, Pestana Vila Sol, Millennium Golf Course, San Lorenzo Golf Course. The list of top-rated golf resorts includes Dona Filipa & San Lorenzo, Tivoli Victoria, Vale do Lobo Resort, Monte da Quinta Resort, Pestana Vila Sol. If you choose any of these places, you have to make prior bookings at least a few weeks in advance since all of them are heavily booked during the season.