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An Overview Of The Most Challenging Golf Courses In Europe

Finding an extremely tough golf course while travelling through Europe is a challenge that is taken on by many seasoned golfers. Those who fancy themselves better than average will relish the chance to take on the following three courses that are notorious for being difficult to the extreme.

Course Black River

Situated in Slovakia, the Black River golf course is said to be the toughest in the world. It consists of 27 holes and has a slope rating of 155. Besides the slopes, the course has many traps that will threaten your concentration and swallow up your ball. The weather also adds a regular challenge to this course by delivering high winds, low light, and chilly weather. Beware of the large historic buildings and trees that form a part of this course too.

Las Brisas

If you’re heading to Spain, you will enjoy playing the Las Brisas course in Malaga. This course was deliberately designed to pose an immense challenge. There are ten built-in water hazards as well as a natural lake. Bunkers are placed in positions you would expect the ball to land, and random trees have been planted all over. There are also many slopes on this course—most of which head downwards as you play. The fairways are not easy to reach as the course requires very careful navigation throughout. Be patient, and make sure you have many different types of shots in your repertoire.

Real Sociedad Hipica Club de Campo

Also a Spanish course, the northern version of the Real Sociedad Hipica Club de Campo is a tough course to play due to its various undulating greens and several doglegs. For the most part, bunkers are placed on the sides of the green leaving very little room for aiming errors. You will also the find the slopes which lean towards water and structure hazards somewhat frustrating while strategizing your approach shots. The final nine holes are especially challenging due to a permanent river that runs all the way through to the end.

So if you dare try any of these courses, make sure you have your game up to scratch. Even the best players have struggled to reach par on the holes these courses consist of, let alone birdies or eagles. Bear in mind that these courses have strict admission rules, so if you plan on playing them, make sure you book in advance or through a club member.