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Developing An Effective Iron Play Pre-Shot Routine

A really good pre-shot routine is important to your game. There are so many benefits of this. A lot of players have in the past come to struggle in their game because they basically have no pre-shot routine to work with. Whenever you are trying to learn a thing or two about how to play golf effectively, one of the most important things that you will come across from time to time is the need for you to get into a good routine before you start playing. A good routine will certainly work in so many ways for you, considering that you should be trying to do all you can to have the perfect game.

The following are some tips that will help you develop a really good routine for your game:

  • Visualize the shot by standing behind the ball
  • Make sure you are standing parallel to the target line
  • Square the club head behind the ball
  • Visualize the target
  • Relax your arms

Visualize the shot by standing behind the ball

First you need to take some time and make sure that you can have a really good look at the ball. Make sure you see a good line from the ball to the target and think about how you want to send that ball straight to the end.

Make sure you are standing parallel to the target line

Always ensure that you are standing parallel to the target line that you are working with. Most of the players who struggle to play a good game often do not even know how to visualize the target line, while this is all about what you can physically see. There is no special skill required here, other than using your eyes.

Square the club head behind the ball

The head of the club is supposed to be right behind the ball. This is an important tip that you should not take for granted either. Make sure that you have the head square to the target and you will definitely have a really good time in the process.

Visualize the target

Think about the target, have it in your sights. There is nothing difficult about this either. It is amazing what you can do when you are focused on the game at hand.

Relax your arms

Finally, ease the tension. Relax your arms as you make your way to the ball.