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Making good shots off the tee: setting the correct tee height

Many beginner golfers may not realize there are a few things to consider before you tee off. It may seem simple enough to place the ball on the tee and hit it across the green, but the height of your tee could affect the end result of your shot. So, when you are ready to make your shot how do you know the height of the ball is correct? In many cases it may have to do with the type of club you are using and how far you intend to hit the ball. These aspects will help you understand how deep to set your tee in the ground before setting the ball into place.

Why Your Golf Club Will Help You Set Your Tee

The crown of the driver you are using helps you set the height for your tee. The height of the ball is about equal to the height of the crown on your club. Studies have shown that following this aspect has helped golfers achieve good contact. But, for some the overall idea includes understanding the length of your club. If you are using a longer club the height of the tee is higher. If your club is short the height of the tee is shorter.

How Do You Measure Height from the Ball to the Ground?

Depending on your club the height of the ball may be roughly one-half to one-third above the club’s crown. This is if you are using a 3-wood club. For other clubs you may need to leave the ball at roughly one-third to one-quarter above the club’s crown. A standard tee may be above the ground about half an inch. A quarter of an inch may be sufficient for long and mid-range irons. As you understand how to use your club on the course you will notice variations in how the ball and club crown connect.

Why Does This Matter?

You will gain further insight on how to see your tee and how the ball should sit compared to the crown of the club you are using. New golfers may not realize this could affect how you make contact with the ball. You can have a good swing technique and even a good approach. But, your iron needs to establish good contact with the ball (clubface), and it may help minimize damage to the green.