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Adapting to windy conditions on the golf course

One of the most challenging aspects of golf any golfer faces is playing on the course during windy conditions. Even experienced golfers can have a hard time trying to get the ball to go in the right direction. Because the wind can affect your game you want to consider a few things you can do to try and avoid getting frustrated when the winds start to kick up. The following tips are a few things to help you keep the situation in perspective to avoid getting a negative mindset while making rounds on the course.

  • Have realistic expectations you can control. Sometimes there is not much you can do when Mother Nature decides to change playing conditions. Whether you are dealing with rain or wind, you can accept the challenge and try to make it work to the best of your ability.
  • When the wind is with you it helps to hit the ball high and it will fly. Depending on how fast you can make the ball fly in the air you may need to considering the iron you are using to help create extra loft. When selecting your club consider how far the ball will likely travel and how soon it can stop after getting hit. This is something to consider when playing golf downwind.
  • When golf is played into the wind this can exaggerate the ball after it is hit. It may help to tee the ball lower than you usually would and swing easier instead of harder. It helps to reduce your focus on distance and more on hitting the fairway since the exaggerated ball may not be able to travel as far (meaning you may lose distance).
  • With side wind golf play you may want to try and have your shot against windy conditions. You may want to play the back with a ½ inch back in your stance to help you hit a straight shot easier.
  • If you experience wind while putting this may actually work for you if you widen your stance to reduce swaying. Keep in mind the wind can have an effect on the greens and it could affect the put more if you have more distance in front of you.

You have a better chance of being successful in the wind when you accept the challenge and find a way to make things for you all year round.