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Developing Your Golf Skills: Putting From Different Distances

As a golfer, you are used to hitting shots from various distances. In fact, you can often go an entire round without having two shots of the same distance. You have to know how to adjust on the fly, and how to control your ball so that it finishes as close to the hole as possible. That same principle applies on the putting green, where you can have a putt of less than a foot, all the way up to putts from one hundred feet or more. When you add in the different slopes and green speeds that you will have to deal with, putting suddenly becomes much more complicated than it might appear.

Below are a few tips for learning how to control your putts from a variety of distances. No matter where your ball might be on the green, you want to be able to roll it just the right distance so you can have an easy next putt – unless you make the first one.

  • Make sure to hit the sweet spot. Regardless of how long a putt might be, your first goal should always be to hit the sweet spot of the putter at impact. When you make impact out toward the toe, or in off the heel, you won’t get the amount of roll out that you are expecting. Focus on training your stroke to hit the sweet spot time after time, and you will be surprised at how much your distance control can improve.
  • Practice from long range. Most golfers practice their short putts, but don’t spend much time working on the long ones. Make sure to take some time on the practice green to work on your speed control from long range. Pick out the longest putt you can find on the green and work on two-putting it as many times in a row as possible.
  • Walk off your distances. On full shots, you always get a yardage before you hit the shot so you know which club will be best for the job. However, on the putting green, most people just look at the putt and hope for the best. Instead, try using your steps to get a rough measurement of how long your next putt is. If you do this on a regular basis, you can start to get a better feel for how hard you have to hit putts of different lengths to have them finish close to the hole.