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Dealing with Big Breaking Putts in Golf

Putting is one of the hardest parts of golf – even when the green is flat. Once you add in a big break from left to right, or right to left, putting become all that much more difficult. Good putters are able to analyze the slope in the green and make the proper adjustments to their aim and speed in order to get the ball to stop close to the hole. That kind of skill takes not only experience, but good planning before each putt that you hit.

While you are going to have to learn how to handle big breaking putts by practicing them on the greens for yourself, the tips below can help you get started in the right direction.

  • Play more break than you think. Most amateur golfers make the mistake of not playing enough break on their putts. The next time you face a big breaking putt, add a few inches of break to your aim – even if you aren’t convinced it will break that much. Most likely, it will break at least that far, if not more. As you gain more and more experience, you can start to better picture the line that the ball will roll on and your ability to pick out the right line should improve as a result.
  • Don’t forget the speed. It is easy to get caught up in the line of a big breaking putt – only to forget about the speed component and leave it well short or hit it way too far. The speed is just as important as the break, so make sure both elements are given their proper attention before you line up to hit the putt. In fact, as your speed control improves with practice, you will probably find it easier to select the right line to navigate a big breaking putt.
  • Think about your next putt. The chances are that you won’t make the big breaking putt across the green – in reality, you are hoping to get it close enough to have an easy next putt. When lining up the long putt, think ahead and try to plan where you are going to play your next putt from. If you can leave your ball in a spot that gives you a straight, uphill putt from just a few feet, your chances of avoiding a three putt will have gone way up.