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Playing this game is not as easy as it seems but with the due diligence and zeal, you can quickly learn the basics and enjoy golf. This resource provides easy and understandable guides for beginners.

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Playing Golf Effectively: Improve the Driving Accuracy

Playing golf all day from the rough is just not a lot of fun. While it is possible to salvage a good score even without hitting fairways, it is a whole lot easier to play from the short grass. Even if you can just hit two or three extra fairways per round, you will be amazed at what a difference that can mean to your score.

Ultimately, hitting the fairway is about more than just the technique of your swing. You also need good club selection, focus, strategy, and more. Once you can bring together a number of factors and combine them with a good swing, you will be able to find the fairway more frequently.

Use the following tips to hone in on the fairway and make your rounds of golf more fun, and a whole lot less stressful.

  • Use less club when possible. It’s pretty simple – hitting the fairway with a shorter club is almost always going to be easier than hitting it with a driver. Sometimes, like on long par fours, you don’t have much choice except to hit your driver. However, on shorter par fours, you do have the option of hitting a three-wood or hybrid club off the tee for control. By making this wise decision, you can increase the odds of hitting the fairway and put yourself in good approach position.
  • Swing a little slower. Even when hitting a driver, you don’t have to go all out at each and every swing. In fact, if you back off just a little bit from your swing, you might find it easier to control the golf ball. Experiment on the driving range with adjusting the overall speed of your swing and see if you can find a sweet spot that doesn’t cause you to stray from the center too often.
  • Pick conservative targets. Can you hit the ball far enough to carry that bunker on the right side and get further down the fairway? Sure – maybe. But maybe not. By taking the chance, you open up the possibility of hitting it into the bunker, or the rough, and making the hole significantly harder. Instead, pick a conservative line down the safe side of the fairway and put the ball in play for an easy approach. Sometimes in golf, the best shots are the ones you don’t even attempt to hit.