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Wait shift can give your golf shots more power

Weight shift can give your shots more power when you understand the components needed and how to execute it in your swing. This can help your downswing and backswing depending on how your body is angled and how your body moves. There are simple techniques to consider than can help you. Yet, there are golfers that may not do them or may not know how that weight shift is possible to help your shots when done correctly. This may seem like common sense but there are details you should review in order to reduce personal injury while making the shot you want.

How Your Body Is Positioned behind the Ball

As you wind up your backswing your weight shift may occur as you are behind the ball slightly. This can help you as you create more room to move forward as you strike the ball. This is helpful when you follow through as you swing. Some golfers may do a portion of this correctly or they may do what is considered a reverse pivot. This can cause a problem in limiting your ability to move back when you downswing. Sometimes it is a matter of not paying attention to how your body moves and follows through on the downswing.

Building Power behind the Ball with Your Backswing

You can build up power following a good weight shift when you wind up during your backswing. Moving your weight forward can help you generate more power, but the concept may seem a little tricky depending on how you complete your backswing and what happens when you downswing. When you make impact with the ball you should continue to move forward as you follow through the shot. This allows the weight to shift properly and evenly to other parts of the body mainly the front foot and right toe.

Weight Shift Should Sync with Good Timing

Having good timing can make a difference when weight shift occurs. As you are moving forward your torso and the ball should be in line. This can be a good indication your swing and weight shift should occur in good timing of one another. If the weight shift occurs too soon or too quickly, there is a chance your body is not aligned with the golf ball as is should be. This element may take some time to practice but the more you do it the better your timing will become.