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Golf Instruction: How To Fix A Push In Three Steps

When your ball reaches a decent height and even a good distance, but is trailing to the right of your target, you can be sure that you are pushing the ball. We want the ball to almost curve while it is in the air and straighten out, but when this doesn’t happen, we need to look at what we’re doing wrong. The causes for the push are subtle and must be tended to if you are to improve your game.

Diagnosing a push

The divot that’s left over after you’ve hit the ball is your best way of knowing whether or not you’re pushing the ball. It acts as an arrow and will help you to see where you were actually aiming to. If your divot is pointing slightly to the right of your intended target, know that you’ve hit a push shot and read the following on how to correct your mistake.

Reasons for a push and how to fix them:


We shouldn’t overlook aiming when trying to fix a push. It’s easy to get into the habit of taking a quick glance at your feet and settling in your mind that you’re aiming correctly. But next time, take a few more seconds to analyze where you are aiming. Line your feet direction with your target using your eyes, but do so slower than you usually do. This will give you a better indication of whether you are aiming right.

Ball position

Pushing the ball is also caused by standing too far in front of the ball at address. Consider moving slightly back (not away from the actual ball, but backwards in line with the ball). This will automatically cure your push if this is the mistake you’re making.

A straight swing

Your swing must be straight when striking the ball. If your swing comes down on the inside (known as an inside swing), your ball is sure to fly right of the target. Your club is designed to provide your ball with lift and distance. It will also land your ball straight to where you aim it, but only if your swing is also straight.

These pointers are meant to be corrections so implement them one by one in your drills to see if they help. Once you’ve found the right style of play for yourself, develop the habit of swinging correctly every time and tweak your strokes wherever necessary using the tips above.