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Playing this game is not as easy as it seems but with the due diligence and zeal, you can quickly learn the basics and enjoy golf. This resource provides easy and understandable guides for beginners.

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Escaping The Hard Pan: Advanced Tips For Golfers

A hard pan in golf can be a tricky play unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve. A hard pan can be difficult like a bunker shot, except the ground is harder or more compact making it challenging to get the club to slide underneath the ball at impact. In order to achieve a positive result there are a few things to pay attention to before, during and after you take your shot. Overall, you are trying to hit the ball without making your club bounce off the ground to hard. Here are some tips to consider.

  • Know key areas to concentrate on as you swing. This means you need to consider how you swing down on the ball, how you go into your backswing and the impact expected when the club hits the ground. Your swing plays a big role in how well you play the hardpan. In this case a positive result may come from doing something you are not used to doing.
  • Make your backswing short to ensure good balance. This means taking it back by roughly three quarters. A shorter backswing could be the key to helping you hit down on the ball at the right moment. This element helps keep you in control of the shot from start to finish.
  • Work to trap the ball between the ground and your club and swing down. As you swing your club work to make a clean sweep with your club face and the ball off the ground. This element can be tricky but it is something you can practice. The motion is quick but at the precise angle with your club head you can make clean contact to help the ball pop.
  • When addressing the ball have it positioned in back of your stance. This places the ball inside of your foot (right foot). This encourages you to hit down when you take the shot. This is another element important to your play that helps you retain control of your club as you come in to make contact with the ball.
  • Have firm wrists when following through your shot. Hips should be in direction of your target with a shorter backswing. These are elements to pay attention to as you are in motion making your swing. Firm wrists will help you come down on the ball.