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Improving Your Chipping Technique: 5 Common Mistakes

There are so many things to work on when you pick up the game of golf. Should you work on the full swing first or work on your short game<8b> first. The answer is simple; you just need to ensure that you can hit the ball properly and then you should focus more time on your game.

Apart from pitching, you should be spending hours on the chipping green and mastering your chipping technique. There are a few common mistakes that I would like to point out so that you could avoid them.

Excessive body movement

Players tend to move around so much with their body when they are chipping. It’s almost as if they are trying to get more distance out of it! Remember though, chipping is all about feel and you must be delicate. Having too much power will only affect the rhythm and you need perfect rhythm if you wish to chip like a pro.

The general rule of thumb is to keep your lower body stable and only use your upper body when you are chipping.

Excessive hands movement

Another issue with chipping occurs when people move their hands too much. You need to lock your hands and wrists when you are chipping, so that he you can utilise the loft of the club better.

Remember that you really need ‘soft hands’ to be able to chip well. All you have to do is loosen up the grip slightly and you should be able to chip a lot better.

Choose the right clubs

I often see amateurs choose the wrong clubs when they are chipping. However, that’s the only thing they can do! They don’t have any other weapons in their arsenal and they can only stick with what they’ve got. You must be versatile with chipping and be able to adapt to different situations. If you can achieve that, you will see major improvements to your golf game in no time.

Scooping it

Amateur golfers like to ‘scoop’ the golf ball when they are chipping but that it wrong. The loft of the club will help the ball up in the air, so the scooping action will only cause more thinned shots! Don’t do it.

Backswing too long

If the backswing is too long, your body will automatically adjust and decelerate through the ball. That means you will struggle with striking it properly. Try and adjust your chipping action to a short backswing (but compact) and accelerate through.