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How to Get the Ball Out a Buried Bunker Lie in Golf

Golfers may have an issue getting their ball from a buried bunker lie when they hit the ball to high. In some cases you may be able to prevent this from occurring when you make some changes to your play technique before making your shot. But, when playing your buried ball, there are simple tips you can do to make your shot more efficiently. You need to pinpoint where you want the ball to go and how it needs to travel from the bunker. The following points offer insight on how you can get the ball from a bunker lie while playing your rounds.

  • About a couple inches from your grip you can choke on the club. This means you pretty much can do the same thing you normally do when you when playing an average bunker shot.
  • Open you stance a lit bit to help you get more control and balance in your swing. As you approach the ball a good amount of your weight is placed on the front of your foot.
  • To help you drive the ball out of the sand your clubface should be closed. As you hold the club your hands are moved forward just a bit as you press them toward the ball and set up for the swing.
  • Your lower body should be still. Meaning, don’t move it as you follow through with your swing and take the shot. Make your backswing steep. Your arm should be parallel with the ground (left arm or your leading arm). The elbow of your leading arm should be locked into position.
  • During the entire time you make your shot (your downswing) make sure your body remains in position. Meaning, your lower body should not move and your hips should rotate. Your shoulder and elbow should be on the same plane when you go into your backswing.
  • Make sure to avoid hitting the ball into the sand again. This is why your downswing is important and it should be steep. With just a couple of inches to spare you should hit the ball (when behind the sand).
  • Keep your swing smooth and constant as you hit the ball. Your swing should continue through even after the ball comes out of the bunker. Through the shot your angle should be steep with a closed clubface.