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Golf Instructions on How to Improve Your Putting Feel

If you put in enough practice time on the driving range, you can get to a point where the golf swing is very mechanical – almost scientific. By getting your body and the club into the right positions throughout the swing, you can almost but assure a quality shot will result. However, the same mechanical approach is rarely effective on the putting green. Instead, good putting requires the development of ‘feel’, which will help you to roll the ball the right distance time after time. You need solid mechanics to putt well, but feel may just be the most important element of all.

To work on your feel on the putting green and start to hit better putts than ever before, consider using the following tips –

  • Practice long putts. A common mistake among amateur golfers is only practicing short putts of ten feet of less before they go out to play. While you need to practice your short putts, you also want to practice long putts to improve your feel and get a better idea for the speed of the greens on that day. Make sure you take a few minutes to hit some long lag putts across the practice green before you head to the first tee.
  • Close your eyes. If you hit some putts with your eyes closed, you won’t have a choice but to go by feel to get the speed right – because you won’t be able to see your stroke as it happens. You don’t need to actually putt on the golf course with your eyes closed, but try hitting some practice putts this way to enhance your feel. You might be surprised at how much you can learn about your putting stroke after hitting even just a few putts with your eyes closed.
  • Putt more often. Learning to putt comes as much from repetition as anything else, so be sure to put in your time on the practice green if you really hope to improve significantly. Putting practice should me just as much a priority as practicing your swing, if not more so. Every time you head to the driving range to practice your game, make sure you carve out a percentage of the time that you have available to standing on the putting green and working on your feel. Even just 10 or 15 minutes at a time can make a big difference in your game.