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Effective Golf Techniques: How to Establish a Proper Club Grip

The connection between your hands and the golf club is one of the most important parts of the game. With a poor grip, you will be fighting an uphill battle just to make solid contact and hit good shots time after time. A proper grip makes the game seem easier, gives you the potential for more power, and can enable you to hit a wider variety of shots. Working on your grip is probably not the most exciting part of the game, but it is something that is worth your time when you see your scores start to improve.

Use the tips below to help improve your grip, and your game as a whole –

  • Focus on the top hand. Your top hand is the one that plays the most important role in your swing, and it is the one that you want to make sure is in the correct position. The thumb of your top hand should be resting on top of the grip, and you shouldn’t be squeezing too tightly with your fingers. With your top hand in place correctly, it should be easy and natural to add your bottom hand in order to complete the grip.
  • Interlock or overlap. The two main options for gripping the club are the interlock and the overlap – both can work quite well, depending on your personal preference. The interlocking grip has the pointer finger of the top hand ‘interlaced’ with the pinky finger of the bottom hand. In an overlapping grip, that pinky finger on the bottom hand simply rests on top of the pointer finger of the top hand. You can experiment with both of these grip options to determine which one is most comfortable to you.
  • Get grips that fit. Club fitting is something that has become more and more popular in recent years, and that trend extends to grips as well. Club grips are available in various sizes, and can be installed with varying amounts of tape under the grip to further customize the feel. Visit your local golf shop and ask if they can assist you in determining the right grip size for you. The proper fit will depend not only on hand size, but also on how you hold the club. With the right grips installed properly onto your clubs, it will be easier to take a solid grip for each and every shot.