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5 Quick Golf Tips On How To Play Uneven Lies

Hitting your ball from an uneven lie is a science, not an art. Practicing the following five actions will ensure that these shots are always done correctly. Whether your lie is a downhill or an uphill lie, these basic principles will set you on the right path.

  1. Keeping your body height consistent
  2. Altering your body height in any way during your swing will compromise your accuracy. Always be sure to keep your knees steady and not to lift them or bend them any further. As soon as your club moves upward, your legs must remain consistent. Foot weight distribution will take place, but this is no reason to straighten or bend your legs while swinging.

  3. Positioning your body with the slope
  4. Your body should stand on the slope at exactly the same angle as the ball’s lie. The best way to check that you are standing correctly is to check the line your shoulders are making. If they line up parallel with the slope, you can be sure your body is positioned correctly.

  5. Use the right club
  6. When hitting a downhill lie, always use a club that is one higher. You want to hit these balls softer because they will travel lower than usual. However, when hitting an uphill lie, use a club that is one lower. These balls will travel higher and will therefore need a slight push to make up the distance.

  7. Aim left of your target
  8. Your ball will usually veer slightly right whether your lie is downhill or uphill. In order to compensate for this, aim ever so slightly to the left. Be sure to adjust according to your own discovery of how much the ball veers to the right. If it veers a lot, you may be slicing the ball.

  9. Don’t hit too hard—rely on your club
  10. Instead of using your power to dictate the distance of the shot, rely on your club. If you feel you are not getting enough distance, choose a lower number club rather than trying to hit harder. Your accuracy depends on soft shots, so don’t compromise on this.

These tips are just some of the basics for hitting from an uneven lie. Research a bit further if you are still having trouble, but sticking to the above five should keep you on the straight and narrow.