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Golf Driving Instruction: The Grip Pressure

The golf drive is perhaps one of the most important shots that you have to perfect. Beginner level players normally find it hard to perfect some of these basic shots, but in the long run it is your effort that will make the difference. The need for you to perfect things like the drive is important, considering that you are looking at the prospect of a really good game should you master the relevant tricks.

Golf, like most of the other games, takes a lot of practice to master. You must first start with the basics and then from there you move on to the precision moves. One thing that most beginners struggle with is the grip pressure. The amount of pressure you apply on the grip will go so far in determining how well you will be able to play your shots, and how close to perfection they can be.

Not so many beginner players ever manage to make precision shots, perhaps with some luck, but out of skill and training, quite a number struggle to impress. The need for perfect pressure on your grip is one of those things that you should never take for granted, lest you hold it too tight, or too loose for a good shot. So what should you do? Let’s look at some relevant tips herein:

  • Choose the grip you want
  • Position of the hands on the club
  • The origin of the pressure

Choose the grip you want

The grip you use will always depend on what you are comfortable with. There is so much that has been discussed about this to the point where you might even feel confused. Choose a grip that is perfect for you, one that you are comfortable with, and move on from there.

Position of the hands on the club

Having selected your grip, next you need to determine where you set your hands. Everyone has their own position that they are comfortable with, and this is something that you have to determine on your own, for convenience.

The origin of the pressure

It is necessary for you to understand where the pressure emanates so that you are in a good position to control it. For those who are right handed, the pressure should be on your left hand, and vice versa for those who are left handed. Follow these and you will have an easier time with your drive.