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How To Get Rid Of Pulled Shots Once And For All

The pull shot is one shot that is dreaded by a professional golfer. You don’t enjoy hitting great drive to pull your 7-iron to the bunker placed on the left of the course greens. Usually, golfers having a dominant upper-body suffer from the pull shot. They turn the shoulders aggressively and from the top, which results in their cutting across the ball’s flight through impact.

What is a pull shot?

It refers to a shot beginning at the left side of the original target and follows the same pattern continuously. Unfortunately, the ball does not curve and goes directly towards the left of the green. At impact, a swing can lead to pull shot, provided the swing is directed outside-in across the golf ball and the club faces an angle running parallel to the direction of the path.

Most professional golfers tend to commit the hang back pull, i.e. a pull shot in which the complete body weight is placed on their back leg along with excessive turn of their hands through impact.

Major causes

  • Position of the ball is too forward compared to your stance.
  • Your shoulders are aligned to the target’s left side.
  • The swing plane is at an extremely high position.
  • The restricted shoulder turn while taking a backswing
  • Steeper downswing which land right on the ball.
  • Impact is dominated by the shoulder and hand combination.

Tips to cure the pull shot

  1. Move the golf ball back into middle of the stance.
  2. Place your shoulders in a square position such that they are aligned parallel to the target line.
  3. Add slightly extra weight on the right leg when addressing the ball.
  4. Stand far from the golf ball to allow your body to swing more.
  5. Turn the shoulders completely while taking a backswing to avoid an early downswing.
  6. Swing slightly to your right at impact. Put more weight on your front leg before impact.

Effect of pull shots

Pull shots hurt the confidence as well as the scorecard of a professional golfer. The path of a swing turns from outside to inwards. As a result, the golfer begins the downswing using his upper body whereas ideally he should use his lower body during the downswing. Please note this condition is occurs with golfers who are right-handed. Left-handed golfers turn their lower body during downswing whereas they should rotate their upper body ideally.

You must remember to stretch completely before swinging in order to avoid injury.