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Quinta do Vale Golf Course: How To Get Good Green Fees

Fascinated by the beautiful natural landscape he saw, Severiano Ballesteros, wanted to create something special. He wanted to give the golf playing community and the world a course that would host championship tournaments in the future, attract golfers from around the world, and be widely known for its golf and natural beauty. All in all he wanted to create a golf course that would stand out from others. He employed his creativity and expertise to achieve his goal. Today, this course considered one of the finest courses in the Algarve and millions of golfers throng this course each year to play at this challenging course.

The golf courses in Algarve are well known for their affordability and quality-price ratio, and this course is no different. Actually, if you take a more careful look at the rates, this course is a lot less expensive than other courses in the region. This doesn’t mean you have to blindly accept the green fee rates that the clubhouse or pro shop informs you. There are a few methods to get better fee deals at this golf course.

How to get good green fees?

Before you seek cool deals on green fee outside, try to get a discount deal from the course management first. Ask them for discount green fee rate; to attract more visitors they may agree to your demand. Off seasons are the best periods to bag good green fee deals.

An important point to keep in mind is that golfers who are members of the golf course are given discount rates. You can avail Membership and get a good discount on not just green fee, but also for other services provided by the golf course. Don’t forget, annual membership will only help you save money if you’re a regular visitor to this golf course.

Booking green fee, golf cart, resort room, etc. are all stressful and time consuming tasks for any golf trip organizer who wants to get everything done without outsiders getting involved. There is a good chance that by taking up all these taxing tasks on your head you might make mistakes. Avoid the stress and burden, play the smart game by hiring a travel agent. Travel agents are experts who know how to bag good deals from golf courses. Similarly, there are numerous golf booking websites that list all the courses and offer discount rates to anyone booking green fee at this course through their portal.