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How to Organize Your Golf Bag

Let’s be honest - golf requires a lot of stuff. You need balls, clubs, gloves, tees, snacks, pencils, and on and on. If you are going to keep all of that stuff in order and be able to access it quickly when you need it, it helps to have your golf bag will organized. Most golf bags have a variety of pockets and pouches for you to use for different items, so it is up to you to choose how to best use them all.

To help you get started on organizing your golf bag in an efficient manner, try the simple steps below -

  1. Lay out everything you want to take with you on the course next to your bag, with your bag empty. You can go ahead and leave your clubs in the bag, because you know those are going with, and you know where they go. Everything else that you want to take with you should be laid out on the ground next to the bag so you can start to assemble it inside the bag.
  2. Start with the essentials like golf balls, tees, and your gloves. These should go in the pocket that is easiest to reach, as you will be likely accessing them the most frequently. Most golf bags have a small pocket in a convenient location that is handy for balls and tees, so look at your bag and see which location makes the most sense.
  3. Large items in the biggest pocket. If you are going to take rain gear with you, or just a sweater for cold weather, it should go in the biggest pocket so you don’t have to cram it too tightly. Before you put clothing items in your bag, make sure they are folded or rolled as nicely as possible so they aren’t too wrinkled when you need to put them on.
  4. If you are going to take some water or other beverage with you, look through your bag to see if a specific pocket is lined and intended to hold a cold drink. Some bags have this feature and some don’t, so be sure to take advantage of it if yours does.
  5. The last few items in your pile may not make the cut if you start running out of space. One the essentials are on board, see how heavy your bag is and decide if the final items are worth adding, or if you can do without them.