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Playing this game is not as easy as it seems but with the due diligence and zeal, you can quickly learn the basics and enjoy golf. This resource provides easy and understandable guides for beginners.

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A Tutorial on How to Fix the Flat Stick Woes

Every golfer has been there – sometimes, the putter just doesn’t want to cooperate. When you have a bad day with the putter, you can start to feel like you won’t be able to make any of your putts, no matter how short or straight they may be. It is a bad feeling to lose confidence in the putter, but there are ways to get it going again. Use the following tips to shake the flat stick woes and get your putting stroke back in the groove.

Keep Your Eyes Down

When you start to lose confidence, it is common to start to look up early to see if the putt is going to go in or not. Fight this temptation, as it will only make your stroke fall further off line. Instead, keep your eyes down on the ball until it rolls away, and make sure your head doesn’t move until the putter has stopped moving. It will be hard to not watch the ball as it starts its roll, but your putting stroke will be improved if you can do it.

Lighten Your Grip

Another common problem when you lose confidence is that you start to squeeze the grip tighter and tighter because you are nervous and tense. Shake out those nerves and try to keep as light a grip on the putter handle as possible. Roll some practice putts and see how lightly you can hold the putter while still making a good stroke. When your grip is light, the putter is free to swing and is able to strike the ball more cleanly.

Accept Imperfection

You are going to miss putts – it’s a fact of playing golf. Every golfer in the world, from the very best pro to the total beginner, is going to miss quite a few putts during any given round. So relax, and just try your best. It is amazing how simply by relaxing and understanding that you aren’t going to make them all, you can start to make more of them. Golf is a hard game, and no one yet has mastered it. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect, and forgive yourself when you make mistakes with the putter. With the mental pressure off, you are free to let your natural ability shine through and roll the ball nicely up to the hole.