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How to Choose a Putter That Will Suit Your Needs

Picking out a putter is different than selecting the rest of the clubs in your bag. Where you might go to a club fitting for a driver to learn about the spin rate and launch angle that it provides, picking a putter is more about feel and personal preference than it is about statistics. Of course, there are stats that you can learn from when putter shopping – but the ultimate decision comes down to picking a putter that instills confidence, looks good to your eye, and will roll the ball on your target line time and again.

Before you head out to pick out your new putter, think about the following shopping tips –

  • The eye test is first. If a putter doesn’t look good to your eye, there is very little chance that you will ever have consistent success with it. The eye test is subjective and will be different for everyone, so you have to decide for yourself what a good putter looks like to you. A putter that others think is ugly might be beautiful in your eyes, and vice versa. Don’t doubt your instincts on this point – your opinion is the only one that matters.
  • Roll just a few putts. Assuming the golf store that you visit has a putting green for you to try out each putter, roll only a few putts and come up with an initial reaction for each option. Usually, you will know within just a few putts whether or not you like a putter. If it takes any longer than that, you are probably over-thinking the process and that putter is not the right one for you. It may take several putters before you hit on the one that is ‘just right’.
  • Stay on budget. There are quality putters offered for a variety of different prices, so don’t feel like you have to buy the most expensive one in the store to get a good putter. Decide before you go to the store how much you are willing to pay for a putter, and then stick to that budget and demo only putters in that price range. By not even trying the putters that you feel are too expensive for your budget, you won’t be tempted to break the bank and buy one that costs more than you wanted to spend originally.