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Improve Your Game: Golf Lob Shot Drills

Hitting a successful lob shot is one of the most challenging – and most intimidating – feats in golf. The lob shot is a risky play by definition, but it is one that you might have to hit from time to time if you want to get the ball up and down from a difficult spot. When you need to stop the ball almost immediately after it lands on the green, and you are hitting from close to the green, a lob shot might be your only option. While it is a tough shot to hit, spending some time practicing it will give you a much better chance of success on the course.

Following are some drills you can do in the practice area to improve your ability when it comes to the lob shot –

  • Start with a mini-lob. If you are new to trying to hit lob shots, start out by putting some balls down close to your target and hit lob shots of just a few yards. You will need to open up the face of the club and swing aggressively underneath the ball in order to execute the shot. Picture the face of the club sliding underneath the ball at impact so that the trajectory of the shot is almost completely vertical with only a slight angle toward the target. After you get comfortable lobbing the ball from close, you can start to back up a few feet at a time.
  • Bottom hand only. The lob shot is really all about the bottom hand on the club – the right hand for a right handed golfer. That hand needs to fire the club through the impact area so that the club head can slide through the grass cleanly and cut under the ball. Try hitting a few practice shots with only that bottom hand before returning the other hand and hitting a few more with your normal grip.
  • Higher, higher, higher. Controlling the trajectory of your lob shot is an important skill so you can bring the ball down in just the right spot on the green. To practice your trajectory control, place five balls on the ground and hit them consecutively. The goal is to hit each shot a little bit higher than the previous one – while hitting them all to the same target. If you can manage to hit each shot higher than the last and get them all somewhat close to the target, you will be well on your way to lob shot success.