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The Foolproof Method To Eliminate Fat Shots From Your Game

Do you ever find yourself in a position where you need to play golf well, but for some reason you keep ending up with fat shots from time to time? Fat shots have a way of spoiling your game. You might not see it, because a lot of those who will see you making this mistake might not show you outright what they are thinking about your mistakes, but rest assured that you will never feel the same when you see their expression as you make these simple mistakes. It can really kill your morale, and before you know it, you might even lose interest in the game after all.

You need not go through this, and to be precise, you simply need to learn how to get rid of some of these shots from your game, slowly but surely. The good thing is that fat shots can be eliminated. You therefore do not have to make the same errors throughout your lifetime as a golfer. Depending on how worse your situation currently is, the following are some useful ideas that will help you overcome the fat shots:

  • Upright chin

  • The shoulder turn

  • Hang your hands low

  • Hip rotation

Upright chin

When we mention anything about the chin, perhaps a lot of people might question the role that the chin has to play in this at all. It is important because it allows you the chance to stay focused. When you are addressing the shot, it is necessary that your chin does not rest on your chest at all. This will restrict your ability to make the right shoulder turn, a full one.

The shoulder turn

As we might have mentioned already, you must make the full shoulder turn for this shot. As you do this, you must have your torso bent forward, at least 20 degrees while you are on the address.

Hang your hands low

You must have your hands hanging low. This is important to help you make the takeaway slowly but with fine precision. At the same time, ensure you do not have your hands rising over the waist until you have made the half turn.

Hip rotation

You need to bump your hips just as you are about to begin the downswing so that they can move around the spine and allow your hands more room for control.