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Why You Should Stay Relaxed Around the Greens

Staying relaxed is a good thing all around the golf course, but it is especially important around the greens. When you are playing the short, delicate shots that are required in the short game, being relaxed is key to your success. By feeling relaxed and at ease with yourself before hitting the shot, you will give your natural ability and preparation the best possible chance to shine through. It isn’t easy to remain relaxed if you are nervous or excited, so it will take some practice to achieve this goal.

Following are three important reasons why you should focus on staying relaxed when playing shots around – and on – the greens.

  • Hold up under pressure. If you decide to play in any golf tournaments or even just competitive matches against your friends, you are sure to run into some situations where you are under pressure and have to come up big in a clutch situation. You are far more likely to succeed in those situations when you are relaxed as opposed to being uptight and nervous. While it is perfectly natural to feel some level of nerves, keeping them as under control as possible is crucial. Practice by making sure you stay relaxed when you are just playing casual rounds of golf and hopefully that habit will translate into your competitive rounds as well.
  • Have more fun. Playing golf is supposed to be fun, but the fun can quickly be taken away if you are too busy being nervous or stressed out about your game. Keep the game in perspective and understand that it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t hit a great shot. Take a deep breath, try your best on every shot, and enjoy the opportunity to play the game.
  • Be more fun to golf with. One of the best things about playing golf is enjoying social time with your friends outside on a beautiful golf course. If you want to be someone that others enjoy golfing with, make sure you stay relaxed whether you are around the greens or anywhere else on the course. Most people don’t like playing with golfers who are uptight and don’t have fun on the course, so don’t turn into one of those people. Relax, have a good time, and you will probably find that you play much better golf in the process.