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The Best Way To Carry Out A Successful Lag Putt

There are different perspectives that people choose when thinking about the lag putt. Over the years, we have seen so many players who think of the lag putt in negative light. As a result, this ends up killing any chances that they have of making the hole. The concept behind the lag putt is to focus on allowing the ball to get to the hole, while at the same time avoiding 3 putting. Should you miss the hole, you should be able to land within a good distance from it, making it easier for you to slot home.

If you were to take time and study some of your favorite golf players on the professional field, you will realize that a good number of them basically 3 putt only once or perhaps twice throughout a tournament. What we learn from this is that most of them are able to leave their long range putts some good distance from the hole, so that they barely get to 3 putt.

For those who are tired and frustrated with the 3 putts, learning to improve your lag putt will be the best thing that you have ever done. The following are simple drills that should get you started:

  • Focus on the target
  • Use one hand for putting
  • Estimate the landing spot for the ball

Focus on the target

You must always have your eyes on the target. As you are practicing, it is important for you to maximize on this strategy. Over time you will be able to accurately estimate the amount of force that you need to send the ball a considerable distance away.

Use one hand for putting

Perhaps this is one thing that most amateur golf players are not aware of yet. Try and learn to putt with one hand. This is a very good way of delivering a smooth and precise stroke each time. As you do this, you are effectively forcing your body to get more control and distance on the shot.

Estimate the landing spot for the ball

The concept here is to learn how to estimate direction and the distance of the shot. To be precise, as you are hitting the ball, try not to look up. In fact, do not look up at all until the ball is in the air. You should even consider practicing with your eyes closed to master this trick.