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How To Buy An Ultra Lob Wedge: Practical Advice

A lob with high trajectory that travels just a short distance is one shot that every golfer wishes to posses. You would have seen many low handicappers play this shot, and if you’re a novice or high handicapper, you would definitely want to master it. A good lob wedge can certainly put you on the right track.

First, let’s understand what a lob wedge is

Lob wedges are clubs with the shortest shafts designed to give highest lofts. Wedges of this type are typically used to play within 50 to 60 yards of the flag. Stroke that lob wedges produce have very high arc and plenty of backspin. Both these elements are required for game play within the green.

Unlike other clubs, the lob wedge has a less pronounced rim or lip. This allows the wedge to slide under the ball with ease. Lob wedge is of recent origin; before that pitching or sand wedges were predominantly used for high loft, soft shots.

Normally, wedges have 60 degree lofts, but there are certain types of wedge clubs that have a loft of 68 degrees. These are called ultra lob wedges, extreme lob wedges, or X wedges. If you want to master a lob, it’s essential to purchase an ultra lob wedge.

Here are a couple of useful points that’ll help you purchase a good ultra lob wedge.


To hit a flop shot which is steep and has a dead bounce you need lob wedges with high loft degree (i.e.) an ultra lob wedge. Most lob clubs have a loft degree of 58 to 61, but an ultra lob wedge has 68 degree. So, if you’re buying an ultra lob wedge, look for a club with a lift degree of more than 62.

Higher the lob degree, the steeper will be your learning curve. Mastering an ultra lob wedge is no child’s play. You need to have a good club and spend hours and hours together before you can consistently get your lofted, soft shot on the green.


The second important factor to consider while buying a wedge is the bounce. The angle that exists between the sole of the wedge and the ground is used to determine the bounce. Golfers have three options to pick from – clubs with standard, low, or high bounce.

Your final decision should rest heavily on the condition of the golf course you play in. For high grass, sand or deep sand conditions choose a lob wedge with high bounce. Then again in case of hard sand and fairway, the club with a lower bounce is most suitable.