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How To Make An Accurate Pitch Shot: 5 Tips

Understanding how to make an accurate pitch shot may depend on personal experience. A few golfers may have different tips and suggestions that have given them results. Yet, this aspect is known to be tricky since you want to make a good shot that stops where you want it without continuous hopping. The good news is if you can determine most important elements of an effective pitch shot you will be able to make a good play on any lie. Here are 5 tips to consider for your next pitch shot.

  1. Review condition of the lie to get an idea of how the ball should roll or spin. Some golfers rely on the condition of the lie to determine their next move. A high ball could result from a fluffy lie. It can be hard to stop the ball in some cases depending on the condition of the lie.
  2. Think about where you want the ball to land. An uphill slope is easier than downhill slope. This means you need to consider your technique in how to get the ball to land or stop in the general target area. The height of the slope will determine how much power and distance to create behind the ball.
  3. Have your body in the right position when you address ball. Your weight should be on your front foot with open stance. Doing this will help you establish good ball contact when you swing through. This also gives you good balance when weight shift occurs.
  4. Watch positioning of your club face. If hitting high the club face should be open a little. The positioning of your club face is important to control where the ball goes. It can give the ball additional spin if necessary but this may depend on the angle of the slope if one is present.
  5. Hit ball first to get good contact when ball is back of stance. Some suggest you should hit the ground and ball at impact at the same time to achieve solid contact. This may result in a divot but if it is small in nature it may result in a good strike. To give the ball a lift it may be possible to hit the ground somewhat at the same time.